Sunday, 22 January 2017

First time All working License key

(1)Avast Antivirus  License key for 23 years

License key-   S0718669R9983V1164-FCH0F887

(2)Windows XP Genuine(SP2)


(3) Microsoft office  2007

License key-  KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


There are a lot of tools available in the Internet world to check your website status online.This tools will help you to identify the bugs or to analyse your site with Search engine optimization.But some tools in these are giving you some bad reports about your site.
Here I am with some tools that will help you to analyse your site or blog more accurately.The sites with bad behaviour may cause spamming you..So be care about using the analysis sites for SEO.

Best site to Test your SEO

As I told in my previous posts,the speed of the website makes a major factor in the SEO.So it is important to make sure that your sites loading time is low .
There are a lot of tools to check your website or blog loading time.But I selected some tools from those number of tools that will give you a better result.


Yslow from yahoo developers is a plug in for your browser which will analyse your blog or website very deeply.It makes a summary about your page components and suggest some tips to improve the blog quality.No need to visit any site to check your status since it is installed as add on.


Woorank is another one great tool to check your websites performance and SEO optimality.It is an online tool to test your blog.It also ranks your site by validating various factors.It gives some suggestions also to increase your site performance.

It is truth that a lot of tools online to check your website performance analyse your blog.But I found that the above free tools will help you more on analysis..

Monday, 27 June 2011

Bringing quality traffic to your blog or website is the very difficult job rather than creating a blog or website.There are some shortcuts to bring traffic to your site very easily.You can use those tips to bring quality traffic to your blog.Below are the some tips to get your sites indexed by various search engines.
Submit your site to Various Search Engines
Once you are created your website,the first step you have to take is to submit your site to various search engines.The top 3 search engines are Google,Yahoo and MSN.
Before you submit your site to search engines you have to make a site map for your blog.You can check how to create a site map here
Submit Your Site To Google Webmasters
You can submit your site to Google by visiting Google webmasters.Once you are Submitted your site you can submit a site map for crawling your site regularly.
Submit your Site to Yahoo site Explorer
You can submit your site to Yahoo site explorer to crawl your site by Yahoo search bots.You can submit your site to yahoo here.You can also submit your site map to yahoo.
Submit your Site to MSN Webmasters

You can go to MSN Webmasters to submit your site to MSN.

Submit your Web Site to Web Directories
Once you are submitted your site to search engines you can move to submitting your site to Web directories.You can also submit your site to blog directories.There are also some Auto directory submitter tools available to submit your sites easily in a single click.

Link back from Similar Websites
One of the best way to get high traffic is to get number of back links to your site.It will increase your site engine visibility.You have to search in Google using the keywords and find similar sites of you and you can post comments on those sites which are having similar concept of your site.We have already seen getting back links for free in previous posts.

I think this tips will help you to get some quality traffic to your site.Please feel free to comment..